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Our Tyneside home detox plans are tailored around each person’s individual needs and will be carried out under the supervision our caring and qualified team of medical professionals.

Home Detox Plans Tyneside

Addiction is an illness which must be treated with the right specialised help. Unfortunately for some people, they don’t realise they have an addiction until it’s too late, others are unable to get that help with a private residential treatment centre due to financial worries or personal circumstances at home. If this is you circumstances, then a Tyneside home detox programme will be the right route to recovery for you.

A home detox programme in Tyneside means that you can receive a high quality of treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction within the comfort of your own home.  All our home detoxification programmes are run by highly qualified medical staff. Our initial free assessment evaluates what level your addiction has reached. This will help our medical team to make a home detox programme individual to your needs.

Home Detox for Drugs and Alcohol in Tyneside

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be scary and making the first step to getting help can be daunting.  Our staff are friendly and helpful so you can rest assured any calls to us will be completely confidential and offering full support.

Cost Effective Solutions

  • detox for alcohol
  • receive drug and alcohol counselling
  • no need to visit a drug or alcohol treatment centre
  • private home detox service
  • detox for drugs
  • suitable as a pre-entry drug or alcohol rehab clinic programme

We Can Offer a Home Detox Throughout Tyneside

We can offer home detox solutions throughout Tyneside and the surrounding areas.

If you or a loved one are seeking home detox in Tyneside for addiction, then give us a call for free impartial advice and get the help you need straight away!