professional Medical Detox and Full Counselling Services


82 King Street, Manchester M2 4WQ.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide will be treated in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to a third party except in connection with any treatment that we arrange on your behalf.

Ideally you will have spoken to us about what kind of treatment programme you want to take up. If you have not done so yet please telephone us 0333 444 0315

To book treatment with us.

There are two ways, call the team to discuss or fill out the assessment page and we will get back to you very shortly with the details you have left. If home detox is deemed suitable and is safe to do so we will take payment over the phone or by means of transfer and proceed with our medical team to get in touch to start.

The medical team will start the process and in most cases detox can start within 24hrs. but could be up to 5 days.

Our medical team will be visiting you and monitoring throughout the whole detox.